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Chairman´s Perspective: May 28,2022

I would like to avail the given opportunity to update on the status of ongoing change to build platform for long term development. Change management is a challenging task, it requires some tough decisions and can led to a period of uncertainty before desired results can be achieved.

Change is needed to get better results, for example, national team selection process with total and better management of our leagues and events.

We are working towards SCF office empowerment to lead our operations, get our associations involved in the process, make everyone understand the need and reasons for change and planning to achieve desired outcome.

SCF board and Secretary General had two days meeting in Jönköping during 14th and 15 of May.

During meeting we discussed and agreed our priorities for this year. We understand the limited resources and time we have; it demands clear objectives and priorities.

The agreed priority areas are:
1. League and event management 2022 and beyond
Our SCF league is our one of the top priorities. It was decided that SCF office would focus on the tournaments planned for 2022 and assist our committees. From 2023, SCF Office will take over the responsibility for organizing league, tournaments, and events. Our goal is to enhance the quality and long-term structure for Swedish Cricket.

2. Organization structure, roles & responsibilities
In order for any organization to operate and grow effectively, it is required that roles,
responsibilities, and mandates are clearly defined. During the meeting in Jönköping, we decided the roles & responsibilities of SCF Board, General Secretary and SCF Office. The outcome of the decision is SCF board to work on strategic level and responsibility delegation towards General Secretary and office to secure operations towards strategy defined by the board. This made empowerment of the office which is important step towards long term development. General Secretary would create new organization to achieve the given goals and optimize the allocated financial and human resources. It may lead to the change of roles for the office employees and their responsibilities.

3. Swedish Cricket’s Strategy for the coming 3-5 years
There have been many directional changes in previous years due to lack of clear directions. We have started the work towards 3 to 5 years strategy creation which is essential for sustainable and long-term development. A strategy to include our vision, core values, code of conduct, developing and organizing Cricket in Sweden. We decided to create code of conduct for board and office, communication policy. Board’ code of conduct was approved in board meeting May 25th. It is required from Board, SCF office, and our committees to set example first before code of conduct for Cricket Community is implemented.

4. Restructuring of the committees
Restructuring of the committees is also needed since change in roles and responsibilities has an implication of the scope of the committees.
I see our board is united for the change and to bring betterment in all aspects of Cricket in Sweden.

To enable our SCF office for long-term development and operational improvements, we feel obliged to take some tough decision. Our intentions are clear, and goals are in line with ICC and RF, which is to make SCF organization more effective and professional. We strongly believe that no individual. post or anything else is more important than our beloved sport’s operation and development. I hope
our associations will engage and continue to support our growth.

As a next step to our associations involved and informed, we invite associations to a webinar detailed next steps with timeline.

SCF General Secretary received Jonty Rhode´s resignation on Thursday morning, his resignation is unfortunate, but we respect Jonty’s decision. SCF and cricket community appreciate his efforts and thank him for his short time with Swedish Cricket. It is sad that information was made public during the public holiday before GS had time to inform our associations and make public announcement.

Monica have started to look for a short-term temporary replacement for senior men Head Coach while federation is working on long term recruitments to grow Swedish Cricket.

Women’s T20 Nordic Cup in Kolsva is progress, Sweden has won both matches comfortably and looking strong contender for the cup. All the best to our national team.

Dinesh Adhikari

Jonty Rhodes lämnar Svenska Cricketförbundet

Igår mottog Svenska Cricketförbundet Jontys Rhodes uppsägning från sin jobb som landslagsansvarig och headcoach för det svenska herrlandslaget.
Det är förstås något som vi alla inom svensk cricket beklagar då Jontys omfattande kunskaper i sporten har varit och gärna hade fortsatt vara till stor nytta och glädje för oss som verkar inom cricket i Sverige.

Förbundet har full förståelse  för Jontys beslut att lämna på grund av personliga skäl. Vi önskar Jonty varmt lycka till i framtiden och tror säkert att alla svenska cricketfantaster även i fortsättningen kan följa och lära av Jonty om än inte i Svenska Cricketförbundets regi. 
Arbetet med att hitta Jontys ersättare inleds omedelbart.

Change of dates and adjustment of scope for SPL


To all clubs and senior male players

This is an information from Secretary General (GS) Monica Söderberg regarding the implementation and scope of SPL this season.

WE WILL ARRANGE THE SPL EVENT IN STOCKHOLM ON JUNE 4-6.  All other dates are out of scope.

We have unfortunately not succeeded with sending out correct information to all clubs in time. For that we are truly sorry. As GS and thereby responsible for the daily operations, I take full responsibility for the delay with communication as well as wrong dates being communicated. We do apologize for inconvenience that the late changes may cause, but with this change we will have a greater chance of not only arranging an event with quality but foremost to really be inclusive and give the top players of Sweden a chance to walk the pathway towards the National Team.
To be selected to play on the National Squad is a privilege for only a small group of players – it is earned by being one of the best qualified players given our guiding criteria Commitment, Cricket Performance, Team Values & Culture and Fitness. These are the pillars for all SCF’s National Teams.
The opportunity to try out however should include a larger group of players. We are therefore inviting the top 52 players in Sweden to this experience, again based on our selection criteria. The experience of SPL will be a key component of the pathway to the National Team and all players will grow and benefit from that experience.
The original scope for SPL included a selection process over a longer period of time with RSM’s (Regional Squad Managers) responsible for regional activities and coaching throughout the spring leading up to an identified group of 52 potentials being invited to the SPL. For this year circumstances have forced us to put that structure on hold. It is unfortunate since we had initiated the RSM’s recruitment process with good candidates showing interest to be part of SPL.
That is the primary reason why we choose to do the SPL in less than two weeks with an adjusted scope.

For questions or feedback, please contact GS Monica Söderberg –
Practical information
Participation; Selected 52 top players by invitation from appointed National Team Coaches & Regional Coaches.
The 52 players will be selected with recommendations from RSM, Coaches and recent performance in SCF league
A player must have represented SPL team before getting eligible for national team. A player cannot bypass SPL and directly get into national team.
Player must have conducted good behaviour (no DC issue), follow code of conduct and have presented SCF in good terms both within Sweden and outside.
Place; Norsborg Cricket Grounds, Stockholm (hosted by Alby Zalmi Cricket Club)

Important Dates; 
Saturday 4/6 – arrival, fitness test and Team practice (4 teams)
Sunday 5/6 - 3 Team games at 9.00, 13.00 & 17.00
Monday 6/6 - 3 Team games (same times), evaluation and final selection of NT.
              Thursday 9/6 - National Team travel to Germany on tournament
              Sunday 12/6-  National Team returns from Germany
              10-20 July – ICC Men’s T20 World Cup European Sub-Regional Qualifier A

Damlandslaget spelar internationell vänskapsturnering (T20i) i Kolsva 26-29 Maj

Nu får vårt damlandslag äntligen spela internationella matcher igen. I en vänskapsturnering med våra grannar Danmark och Norge, kommer det svenska landslaget att spela 5 st matcher under loppet av 4 dagar. Detta kommer att ge oss en internationell ranking och spelarna oerhört värdefull erfarenhet.
Under våren (främst maj månad) har fjolårets landslagsspelare utökats med en grupp spelare som visat potential och vilja att fajtas om en plats i truppen. Tillsammans har de tränat i 3 regionala grupper ledda av de regionala coacherna i förbundets ungdomssatsning (RSM’s) förstärkta av en mentor. Dessa regionala coacher jobbar i ett team med lika delar gemensamt ansvar för uttagning och coachning av truppen.
Uttagningen av nuvarande trupp har baserats på dessa träningstillfällen med fokus på prestationsanalys & konditionstester. Landslagets fyra grundpelarna har varit de vägledande kriterierna i processen. Dessa är;
1) Commitment
2) Cricket Performance
3) Team values and culture
4) Fitness
Coachteamet har nu tagit ut det bästa möjliga lag med 14 ordinarie spelare och 3 reserver. Vi säger grattis till nominerade spelare och tackar alla inblandade för goda insatser så här långt.
Cricketförbundet önskar lycka till med matcherna i helgen och har fullt förtroende för att de skall lyckas prestera på toppen av sin förmåga. Vi hoppas också att många cricket entusiaster åker till Kolsva och stöttar landslaget.

National Squad: Reserves:
1. Gunjan Shukla (Captain) 1. Tova Elmesiöö
2. Kanchan Rana (Vice Captain) 2. Saanvi Bhanushali
3 .Rashmi Ganjagunte somashekar 3. Sai Devata
4. Neeha Kayani
5. Meghana Alugunoolla
6. Abhilasha Singh
7. Daisy Holm
8. Signe Lundell Batting Coach: Faruk Ahmed
9. Sienna Linden Bowling Coach: Madhan Prabhu
10. Tzoulietta Zilfidou Manager/coach: Sesanka Katuri
11. Sofie Elmesiöö
12. Surya Kala Ravuri Mentor: Rajan Sharma
13. Anya Vaidya
14. Eman Asim


SCF takes important step in development journey

During the weekend of May 14-15, the SCF Board and Secretary General spent two days together in beautiful Jönköping.

The goal with this mini conference was to establish clarity and agreement regarding our Organisation structure, roles & responsibilities and to define the way forward for SCF.

With constructive dialogue and an explicit wish to unify Swedish Cricket, the Board & GS successfully created an organisational structure, identified priority areas and agreed on roles, responsibilities and mandate.

“By taking these important steps together I am certain that we will optimize our work and be able to develop cricket together with all cricket clubs in Sweden” says Acting GS Monica Söderberg. “This initiative from Chairman Dinesh Adhikari exemplifies of our Vision – Together we grow – and we are now energized and ready to take the next step towards a prosperous cricket community” she continued.

Another important decision made during this conference was to initiate a process for creating Swedish Cricket’s Strategy for the coming 3 years which will include our Vision, Core Values, Code of Conduct and of course a structured plan for reaching our goals within this period.

In order to succeed with a strategy that support long term growth of Cricket in Sweden, we need input and cooperation from all the Swedish Cricket community. The first steps will be taken within the next weeks to create engagement and involvement of our associations.

SCF Chairman Dinesh Adhikari summarized the weekend, “In this conference, we have taken an important step to set cricket federation’s priorities, organised ourselves to improve our operations and kick-started a development strategy creation which will be based on inputs and involvements from our clubs, RF and ICC”.


Junior Premier League (JPL) 2022, Malmö 4-8 juli.

Vi är glada att kunna dela med oss att planeringen av JPL 2022 pågår för fullt.
Från och med idag kommer regionala Regional Squad Managers (RSM) att börja nå ut till klubbar och spelare för att planera, identifiera och arbeta med sina respektive trupper.
 Cricket Sweden’s Junior Premier League (JPL) 2022 to be held in Malmö from 4-8 July.
We are happy to share that planning for our very own and unique JPL, first held in 2021 for U19 youngsters, is underway. From today, regional squad managers (RSMs) will begin to reach out to clubs and players to plan, identify and work with their respective squads.

Lansering: Damcricket plattform

Hej Cricket Sverige!
I samband med premiären till T20-Sm serien, lanserar Cricket Sweden en sektion tillägnat åt svensk damcricket.
Sektionen kommer finnas i höjd med ”Senaste nytt”
rubriken på förbundets hemsida.
Vi vill tacka allihop som har bidragit och gjort det möjligt att utveckla denna sektion.
Länk till plattformen:
Tillsammans växer vi!

Nytt material för skolorna - Skolcricket

Riksidrottsförbundet (RF) gör just nu en större satsning med att inspirera skolorna till att testa nya och gamla idrotter. Självklart vill vi visa hur man spelar Cricket samt ge skolorna möjlighet att köpa utrustning. Ni hittar allt skolmaterial på vår webbsida, Skolcricket.

Junior National Team update:  U17 Team announcement

In continuation to the junior national team identification and preparation process keeping in mind the 2022 ICC sub regional qualifier in August 2022, the U17 trials for the national team were held in Malmö on 7 and 8 May 2022.

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